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August - 2020

Celebrating the re-issue releases from virtuoso artists - pianist, Marcos Ariel (Brazil) & guitarist, Juan Carlos Quintero (Colombia)! Re-imagined for digital distribution throughout all major streaming platforms!
4 Friends_Moondo Music LLC
Gtr De Pasión Vol. 1_Moondo Music LLC
Las Cumbias_Moondo Music LLC
Jobim_Moondo Music LLC
Medellin_Moondo Music LLC
Gtr De Pasión Vol. 3_Moondo Music LLC
Los Musicos_Moondo Music LLC
Gtr De Pasión Vol. 2_Moondo Music LLC
Los Primos_Moondo Music LLC
Joy To The World_Moondo Music LLC

Moondo Music

embodies a seasoned alliance of spirited principles presenting authentic world-class music supported by diverse servicing in distribution, licensing, music rights management, production & music supervision.

Its music for the world - an essential sonic undertaking created and bound for a global experience! 

Re-Issues OUT NOW!
Marcos Ariel
Re-Issues OUT NOW

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