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Formed in 2000 by Juan Carlos Quintero, Moondo Music began as a passion project aimed towards establishing a viable production platform for the purpose of licensing original recorded works to labels, distributors, and Media partners. As the concept evolved, occasions to include and sign World Music artists surfaced and segued to distribution partnerships that included DGM and Ryko Distribution/ WEA.

The hankering progressed and Moondo Music evolved into a working production base and label poised to successfully market its music on a national scale. 

As the decade rolled around, Moondo enjoyed the privilege of regularly releasing authentic, top-tier recordings by global artists with distinguished voices (Son De Madera, Sambaguru, Huayucaltia, Kleber Jorge, Sahnas, Marcos Ariel, Otmaro Ruiz, Luis Villegas). Coupled with attractive packaging, the budding boutique label emerged as a viable brand supported by major U.S. retailers - resulting in new opportunities with international partners. 

It was a good run. By 2010, the digital frontier had arrived in full force replacing

the physical retail landscape causing the Moondo business model to change its course towards production music - a platform for Moondo works to thrive with direct licenses

throughout the entertainment media (TV & Film). To capture the rise of the new wave in

business, JC launched an annex label (Café Moondo) to specifically cater to the business-

to-business licensing environment in partnership with production music icons such as Groove Addicts

and Warner Chappell Production Music to name a few. As production opportunities emerged, JC's bandwidth evolved combining the tenacity to perform in both Media Production & Music Supervision circles culminating in a distinguished decade-long role as Head of Music/Music Supervisor for Haim Saban's entertainment company, Saban Brands LLC/Los Angeles.

The passion remains. To pursue a craving to reissue the Moondo catalog, record new music and collaborate with creative artists, bold steps were taken to restructure the Moondo Music platform model & relaunch the label -highlighted by a renewed distribution partnership with, A-Train Entertainment in 2019.

As albums resurface, a renewed spirit for Moondo Music strengthens with plans for new collaborations, new music & new artists!  The next chapter has begun...

“I’ll play it first and tell you what it is later.” 

– Miles Davis

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